Following the Prompting of the Spirit

Lets have a show of hands- how many of you have ever had a Jesus high? You know, you get back from a retreat or a bible camp where your life was changed and your eyes were opened, and all of a sudden the universe seems to be glowing and pulsing with God’s life and you’re so happy and full of joy that you just can’t hold it in!
And then here is where it gets sticky. Because you are now attuned with the amazing spiritual world, you start to notice things. You notice that sad-looking woman in the corner. You notice the disabled kid sitting alone. And instead of brushing it off, like you usually do, the sight fills you with compassion. And something in your heart whispers- “Go. Do something. Say something.”
That, my friend, is the Holy Spirit. He’s always talking to you, but unless you’re already attuned to His language, you usually can’t hear him. He’s easy to ignore. What He is saying goes against everything you know sometimes. What if you’ll be laughed at? What if that person doesn’t want to talk? What if being seen with an uncool kid makes you lose popularity, or friends? HOLY SPIRIT, we cry, I CAN’T DO THAT. I’ll look silly!
And He’ll leave you alone eventually. But what if there was something more to what He was telling you? What if talking to this person is part of a grand plan for your salvation? What if you acting makes the difference for that one person who is struggling that day?
I had this experience today. In the school library, during lunch time, a boy with Down’s syndrome walked in and sat across the room. Immediately, I felt the calling in my heart. “Sit next to him.” As usual, I argued.
Me: I’m comfortable here!
Voice: Sit next to him.
Me: he’s got a video game. He’s happy!
Voice: Sit next to him.
Me: he’s loudly talking to his video game! I don’t want to sit next to him!
Voice. Go.
Me: *moves to a seat about ten feet away* There. You happy?
Voice: No. Sit next to him.
Me: PEOPLE ARE STARING AT HIM. What if they stare at me?
Voice: Let them. This is important. Sit next to him.
Me: FINE. *sits next to him.*
And hey… Paul was nice. Has a huge smile. Loves his gameboy and math, is a senior in high school, plays the guitar and the piano, and has bright green sneakers. The Holy Spirit taught me something today, and gave me a new friend.
There have been a lot of times I’ve felt the need to take action and have done nothing. There have been a lot of times when my fear has made me ignore what God might be saying. I’m kind of sad that it took a Jesus High to finally give me the courage to follow. As Christians, we shouldn’t need a Jesus high in order to be brave. We shouldn’t need a Jesus High in order to love our neighbor as ourselves. We shouldn’t need a Jesus High to be able to listen to the Holy Spirit. We should be doing that already, happy feelings or no! Let us be brave, brothers and sisters! Let us be loving, let us be kind, let us be peaceful, let us be wise, let us be patient, let us be full of every good thing and every virtue- whether we feel like it or not!
This post dedicated to Paul, whose smile brightened a dreary day and whose love of math made even me excited.
Love to all!


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