How to Give Up like a Christian (even if you’re winning.)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve almost definitely heard about the internet-wide firestorm of controversy surrounding the Facebook page “The Virgin Mary Should Have Aborted.” Hundreds of thousands of Catholics and Christians got together (as was their right, if not their duty) to shut this page down. Together we said that hate-speech against our religion and against Mary would not be tolerated. And it was hate-speech. It was irrational, incorrect, mindless hatred targeted towards a specific group for no reason except that the page creator disliked their beliefs. If a Catholic were to make a hate-page against Hinduism or Islam with the same slurs and profanity that this page presented, it would still be an evil act that would not be tolerated. So, like many of you, I joined the fight, reported the page, argued with the trolls, and tried to speak the truth.
And we won!
They got a new page today, same name, and the Athirsts (typo very much intended) are very, very pissed off at us. Many Catholics are now trying to shut the new page down as well, which prompts me to ask, what are we fighting for? Why are we fighting? Heck, who are we fighting?
At this point, the battle against the page has become less about defending The Blessed Virgin, and more about one-upping the haterz. I see Christians who are so obsessed with winning that they’re gleefully calling the members of the page idiots, devils, and hell-bound bastards. This, sadly, produces the opposite effect to what they want- instead of shaming the page members and helping them see truth, we’re giving them a martyr complex and reinforcing their stereotype that we are rabid hate-mongerers.
Guys, THIS ISN’T CHRISTIAN. The life of a Christian is one of mortification and humility, not seeing how much we can make the Athirsts hate us! We fought, yes, and we won a very small battle. However, to continue fighting now, not of love, but of hatred, is folly! We know who wins the war for this world, and it’s not going to be the Athirsts! Unless your fight for truth comes from a desire to spread the love of God, the fight is immoral.
So, brothers and sisters, at this point, we need to lose. We need to back off, cool down, and remember that Christ forgave his torturers even as he hung from the cross. Forgive them, because they don’t know what they’re doing! They are SO THIRSTY for love, but they deny themselves of Love’s very existence. This has made them bitter, sick, cruel, and… Athirst! Thus the name I’ve been calling them this whole time! Have compassion for these wandering souls, lost in a darkness of their own making, and treat them with the love and respect they deserve as people made in the image and likeness of God! Then, and only then, can you ever hope to reach them.
Love to all!


2 thoughts on “How to Give Up like a Christian (even if you’re winning.)

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