Anticipation Time!

Oh look, it’s December (as evidenced by the cheery Christmas theme and flying snow of the blog!) How did that happen? It seems only a month ago that Christmas trees were appearing in Costco and “Holiday” themed treats were trending on Pinterest…

Oh wait, they were. Heh.

Why does it seem like Christmas is being celebrated earlier every year? At 12:01 the day after Halloween, the first happy elves are put onto shelves, the first stockings are sold in the department store, and the chocolate Santas begin appearing in the shop windows. I love Christmas, a lot, but it’s a bit silly. Haven’t these people ever heard of Advent?

I was reading a fantastic blog post by favorite blogger Jackie Francois called “No Room for Advent.” Go check it out, it’s awesome. In it, Jackie’s husband Bobby writes about how the quiet preparation of advent is being forgotten in favor of the joy and celebration of Christmas. Advent exists for a reason- we are cleaning house for Christ’s coming! It’s the long walk to Bethlehem, days of preparing and getting ready for the Savior to come and the angels to sing. Like Lent, the season before Easter, we should spend Advent cleaning our souls, doing reparation for sin, trying to give up selfish things.

So take some time to enjoy Advent. It makes Christmas so much sweeter to know that you’ve been anticipating, patiently waiting, joyfully preparing.

Have a blessed Advent, everyone.

Love to all!


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