Looking Back at 2013- what happened, who’s awesome, and what I want out of next year!

Wow, this past year just flew by! Really, it’s like I blinked and it was suddenly almost 2014. It seems like I was just a little kid a few weeks, and now, I’m seven months away from being 18! Let’s break down the year, and make some lists. I do love lists.

What Happened:

  • This year, I really stepped up my prayer life and got closer to God than I would have ever dreamed possible a year ago. I can honestly say I’m a better person now than I was a year ago.
  • I went on LEAD, and made my first real friends in years. I had amazing experiences with God there, learned how to fight for purity, and threw M&Ms at my nemesis Michael. Best week of my ENTIRE LIFE!
  • I flew on a plane. I was terrified, but I loved it! 10/10, will do again!
  • I learned how to make toffee. Yum!
  • Regina Doman shared my blog. I kid thee not.
  • I drew a lot of designs.
  • I rediscovered the joys of nail polish.
  • I had a baby niece born, and she’s PERFECT.
  • Still didn’t get kissed yet.
  • Discovered Doctor Who. Love it.
  • Started public school- finished semester with 4.0 GPA and I’m on the high honors roll. Woohoo!

Who’s awesome:

  • Evelyn Anne. She is awesome.
  • Mariam. She is awesome, too.
  • My family- sisters, brothers, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are awesome.
  • Mike. Much awesomeness.
  • LEAD friends, specifically Austin, Octavia, Erika, Jenny, Jesse, Michael, Michael, Victor, Nikki, Cassie, Teresa, Patricia, Juliauna, Carla, Danielle, Samuel, Cisito, Paola, Hannah, Carmen, and Alexis. Oh wait, that’s all of them. Never mind, they’re all awesome.
  • Pope Francis. More awesomeness than is technically legal.
  • Nate. He’s an awesome dude.
  • Josh “Jaws” is pretty darned awesome.
  • Marisa and Rachel really are awesome, guys.
  • McKenzie, my unofficial Godmother, is the epitome of awesome, as is her boyfriend Joseph.
  • Sara D. is beautifully awesome.
  • Maria, Tori, Kyle, Greg, Jared, Scoot, Andrew, Angelo, JF (not even gonna try to spell his name,) Amy, Ashton, Coleen, Cera, Meara, and all my internet apologist friends are all on the most awesome people ever list.
  • My readers are awesome. You hear that? YOU’RE AWESOME!
  • And Jesus is the most AWESOME OF ALL.

What to expect next year-

  • So busy. Much work. Such school. College WOW.
  • Might start dating, if I can find a worthwhile guy. In Tucson, Arizona. Yeah, I’m not gonna find anyone. Check back in 2015 or, if I’m really realistic, 2020.
  • Less writing. My hands are slowly getting more and more painful, and it’s getting harder to type. But I’ll be around, folks!
  • I’ll probably get at least one haircut.
  • I’ll learn how to make macaroons. And maybe even creme brûlée!
  • I’ll change the blog theme.
  • I’ll learn how to braid my hair.
  • I’ll find a cowboy hat that isn’t cheezy.

Love to all! Thanks for a great year!!


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