Pro-Life Essay Submission! Woohoo!

Happy February (and happy birthday to my little niece today!)

This was only a 500 word essay, how horrible is that? I can write twice that in an essay and still have more things to write! But, after a ton of editing, I got this essay together. I sent it January 22nd to the National Right to Life essay contest. The winners haven’t been announced, but cross your fingers!

“We are all fully human. When we face this truth, there is no justification for treating those who look different than us as lesser beings,” (King).

Passionately, each side of the abortion divide displays their compassion for the situation in cheeky, memorable sound bites. Really, we need to have more conversations. My task is to convince people of the humanity of the child in the womb. My cause is based on the definition of humanity itself. I am pro-life because I find that the belief that an unborn baby is human is logically accurate, morally true, and personally resonant.

Logic helps us to understand the world, and the pro-life  cause is logical to me.  A fetus cannot be anything but human- it doesn’t have the DNA to become a pelican or a redwood tree. It’s not a parasite, a foreign species that preys upon a host. It is a young one of us, needing time to grow. Our society lies to itself when it dehumanizes the unborn: “well, it wasn’t really human, anyway?” I am pro-life because logic supports that the pre-born child is fully human, and any action taken to destroy the life of a human is wrong.

And what principles do I look to to define right or wrong? My morality tells me “You shall not murder,” (RSV Exodus 20:13) and from the Didache:  “practice no… abortion or infanticide” (Staniforth 191). Once I had proven to myself that the pre-born child was human, the child automatically fell under the protection of these laws against the taking of innocent life. No religion or moral code condones the taking of innocent human life. If some people are so horrified by animal deaths that they become vegetarians,  shouldn’t a human death be just as unjustifiable?

My family history also contributes to my pro-life stance. My teenaged great-grandmother found herself single and pregnant. Some would insist she choose abortion as the justifiable decision. But many lives have rested upon her choosing life: her descendants from that now grown baby include eighteen great-grandchildren. They have served in the military, as EMTs, as teachers, and firemen. “Each man’s life touches so many other lives. When he isn’t around he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?” says Clarence (It’s A Wonderful Life).  What about the holes 50,000,000 people have left, since they were aborted before we knew them?

Those who argue for abortion believe the fetus isn’t one of us…its not really murder… one life doesn’t matter.  They try to dehumanize both the pre-born child and post-born protester, but in sharing our personal reasons and focusing on the humanity of the unborn, we may break through that mindset. Whether you use logic, morality, or family stories as your platform to stand for life, it is important to have a platform to stand on. We need to use everything in our power to convince people that death is not the answer, love and welcome is.

Love to all!



4 thoughts on “Pro-Life Essay Submission! Woohoo!

  1. The purpose of limiting it to 500 words is to force people to get to the point. Like you, I can also write a lot more words quite easily. But when you take a second look at the material, much of it will turn out to be unnecessary repeats and/or ambiguous, less effective ways to make the points of an intended argument.

    I think you’ve written a concise position paper, even though it’s unlikely to convince those who disagree with you to change their minds. If there is a weakness to your argument, it is the attempt to shoehorn the word “logic” into it. You are clearly equating logic with morality. That your position is moral is clear to you, and because it’s “right” through unimpeachable sources, you assume that must make the argument logical.

    Both pro-life and pro-choice advocates assert arguments which have equal validity. Validity determines logic. It doesn’t determine either truth or what is right (moral). A serial killer can have a logical position; “they needed killing”. If they believe that’s true, and that they have the capacity to perform the act, then the argument is logical, even if it’s insane.


    • Yep, I got that. It was HARD though- I’m used to talking a lot, but it was good brain exercise to make myself stay concise and clean.
      The purpose wasn’t really to convince, in the end. I was writing to people who agreed with me.
      You bring up some very interesting points on logic vs. morality, which I totally agree with. Nice constructive criticism, thank you! 🙂 I’ll have to write on that more in-depth later.
      Thanks for your comment!


  2. This is a very good essay with only a few repeats. However, in your comment above, “The purpose wasn’t really to convince, in the end. I was writing to people who agreed with me.”, you undercut your position by falling back into the safety of the group that thinks like you. The real work is in convincing others of your point or else you are merely “singing with (to) the choir”. Take the passion of your conviction and build an argument, a moral offensive, that overcomes any and every talking point used by the pro-abortion crowd. You have already noted a weakness in their position in that their stance is without basis by not acknowledging a scientifically proven fact, a fetus is a human from the moment of conception.


    • I do that already. I just had to use the tiny constraint I had to write just the bare minimum of my arguments. The first draft of the essay was over 1000 words long… so there’s been some heavy, heavy editing here. 🙂


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