Sneaky Evangelism

If you have been reading my blog for more than a few seconds, you may have noticed that I am really big on talking about God’s love. I can’t help it, it’s seriously the Most Important Thing to me, and it’s honestly fun to write about. It’s something that I am absolutely assured of, something that I am unable to doubt in the slightest. God loves. That is the foundation for everything else in my life, from what I say to what I do to even what I wear. It’s so obvious that it’s pretty much unavoidable for someone who knows me to eventually get told how loved they are. It’s everyone’s job, not just mine, to tell everyone how loved they are. So why aren’t we?

I think a big reason is because we fear that nobody wants to hear it, or that people will be annoyed when we try to evangelize them. We worry that we’ll be seen as goody-two-shoes, as ignorant and naive, or as preachy. And you know what? We will be. There will always be people, even among our fellow Christians, who won’t want to hear about God’s love. Love is an abstraction, they say- why not talk about His strength, or they offer counter-examples. If God loves us, why does He allow children to die or wars to start? Why does He allow me to be miserable and lonely? Why doesn’t He just change everything? In the end, these people don’t want to hear about God’s love because they have convinced themselves that it doesn’t really exist. And nothing we say will ever convince them otherwise.

So what do we do? We have to stop saying things.

Not stop evangelizing, no, not by any means. But we have to be sneaky about it. Instead of focusing so hard on God’s love, focus on peace or joy. Be happy. Sing on bad days. Be kind when you don’t feel like it. Always be prepared to serve. Never get phased when bad things happen, but trust that God will take care of you (because He loves you, but you don’t have to say that.) And when you are inevitably asked why you’re so happy, respond simply-

“Because I have nothing to be sad about.”

“Because there’s no real reason to be afraid.”

“Because I am loved.”

That’s enough to get people thinking. And that’s what changes hearts. Not our eloquence, but our example.

Love to all!



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