The Tale Of The Tacky Twits Who Took Tani’s Tome

So today, while checking notifications here, I found that some little cretin had copy-pasted my entire post about Creationism and reason into their own blog without so much as a by-your-leave. The page Christians Anonymous has taken my blog post, and appears to have taken many other blog posts from other great Christian bloggers, as well. This is the epitome of tackiness. I don’t mind people sharing my stuff. But for the love of Pete, ask me if you can, before running off and posting it on your own site!

So my best friend and fellow blog warrior Evelyn, in trying to cheer me up about this, began to tell a tale of all the other tacky things that this person probably does. So in the interest of shaming this writer and anyone else who thinks that sharing without permission is a good thing to do, and because we love Weird Al Yankovic around here… I present to you a list of all the other tacky things you could be doing that are less idiotic than plagiarism.

(Warning: Mild language ahead. This is the result of a long rant between two teenage girls who think that stealing is a sin and any page that calls itself Christian should know that. )

… wear socks with birkenstocks.

… go into stores and read entire magazines without buying them.
… go to busy restaurants and order complicated dishes and then bitch at the waiters, then leave religious tracts as tips.

… return books to the library a week after theyre due and leave chocolate stains on the page.
… eat all the free samples at costco.
… go to makeup stores and open all the products, try them, then put them back, and leave greasy lotion all over everything. Greasy lotion with a headache-inducing scent of chemical lavender.

… wear booty shorts with a muffin top and obsess over the kardashians.
… think you look good in the romper that gives you a camel toe.


… and show a lot of sideboob at the same time.
… try to pull off gladiator sandals but it just makes your legs look like sausages.
… scream at your kids in walmart.
… talk about marital infidelities in the checkout line while buying frozen fried food.
…. go home and call their kids’ teachers and bitch about bad grades that the kids probably deserved.
… watch house hunters for five hours while they eat birthday cake ice cream, and they’ll talk about how unreasonable the realtor is being.

I suppose it’s also somewhat tacky to reply like this. But hey. They started it.

Love to all non-plagiarizing friends.


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