In Which Tani Sings a Christmas Carol and Welcomes All the New People

Hi, everyone! This is just a short little post, to welcome all the new people, sent by the amazing Ryan Scheel and his Catholic Memes Facebook page, and also to say Merry Christmas! As you can see by the snow falling on the blog (though not, sadly, on my Arizona mountain home) it is definitely the Holiday season. So break out the hot cocoa and grab a caroling book, because I’m going to sing y’all a hymn in honor of breaking the 100 Facebook likes threshold. (You can also like that page by going to the little Facebook like box on the right!)

Apologies for the weird background noise, that is my seven-year-old laptop, and it makes a sound similar to a train engine when it’s running. Anyway. Song.


That wasn’t too bad, eh? Ok, yeah it was, but goshdarnit, it’s Christmas time! The time for singing carols! That said, what’re your favorite Christmas carols?

Merry Christmas!


Love to all!



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