The story behind Surrender the Brownies

Hi, welcome to Surrender the Brownies! You’re probably wondering about the odd name. Well, let me tell you the story of how God used a small pan of brownies to change my entire life…

So, my biggest fear as a younger teen used to be of messing up. If I even thought there was a possibility of me failing, I’d have panic attacks. My heart would race, I’d feel dizzy and nauseous, my head would hurt… It wasn’t fun. I started hearing a lot in church and at youth group about how we should surrender everything to God and give Him control of our whole lives, but I thought that was impossible. I thought that my problems were too small for God to worry about, He couldn’t possibly care about me. Plus, if I controlled my own life, I wouldn’t fail as much, or so I thought.

Then, two years ago, I decided to bake a pan of brownies.

I got distracted, and accidentally added twice as much flour as was needed, a mistake I didn’t realize until I had already put the brownies into the oven. Immediately, I felt a panic attack coming on. I was about to start crying, when I heard in my mind, a whisper. “Surrender the brownies.” I dismissed it as a fluke. I kept on panicking, and the Voice came again. “Surrender the brownies!” “Is that you, God?” I asked,” cause if it is, you can’t help. I screwed up. This is my problem, and you can’t care about it or fix it. Why would you care?” The Voice came one more time. “SURRENDER THE BROWNIES. How will you ever learn to trust me in the big things if you can’t trust me in the small things?” That stuck in me, and I (reluctantly) answered, “fine! I surrender these brownies. Let these brownies be for your greater glory!” Oddly enough, I felt strangely peaceful after offering this halfway-sarcastic prayer.

And you know what? The brownies were fine (they were really good, in fact) but in the end, this was about more than brownies. This was about my trusting God in the small storms before the big storms came along. And they did come- when I was diagnosed with EDS, or my grandma got Alzheimer’s, I was able to surrender those to God too. Now, I’m able to surrender my whole life to God’s will. I’m not afraid of failing anymore, because I know God will help me and hold me. So I challenge YOU, even if you can’t surrender everything to God yet, start small. You’ll be amazed at the peace God gives.


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