Getting back into the spirit of things!

Tani is back, to write and post and annoy her little heart out! So, hello everyone. Its is good to be back, no?

Life is OK right now. I’ve found as long as I keep myself doped up on heavy painkillers, I can do pretty much everything I used to do.

In two days, we will have baby chicks (hopefully.) If I can mange to put up pics, y’all can see them and maybe even get to name one or two.

It is as hot as Hades here. At the moment, its about 112, and mia famiglia are crowded like lizards in or house, which is still boiling hot.This is why I am moving to/buying North Dakota one day.

Song of the week? Of course! The song today is tied between Sanctus Real: The Redeemer (because there is one line in the chorus that explains so adequately how i feel most of the time “I’ve lost my faith in so many things, but I still believe in you”) and another song that explains perfectly how I’ve been feeling for the past few months- Jason Gray: For The First Time Again

And tonight will be quite fun, I have a feeling. You see, tonight is the night on which my FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME will be playing in theaters with extended scenes: The Return of The King!!!!!! Now, I have one caveat- this show goes until midnight. Which is NOT a good idea for someone who is so tired that she has experienced two emotional breakdowns in the past 72 hours. But the one thing that kinda makes up for all that is

This guy.

Yep, the wonderful hunky awesome and oh-so-hot Viggo Mortenson, playing the wonderful hunky awesome and oh-so-hot character of Aragorn. I’ve been head-over-heels for both the actor and the character since i was…three?

And, to explain as to why I am so tired, its because on Saturday I went to the greatest and most adorable wedding ever (I’ll tell Evelyn about it via the phone tomorrow when I finally call her) and was up until one. And then I had to get up at 5:30 to get to mass on Sunday. Didnt get to bed that night until midnight because I wanted to watch a movie with my brothers, and because I went to lifeteen that night (which was very thought provoking). The next day I had the most intense workout class ever, so i’m still tired.

Well, signing off. Must nap before the movie later.

Love to all!!!!!!!!