Chillin’ like Bob Dylan…

Ok, does anyone even know who made that up? Whoever they are, they should be hung. By the neck. Until dead. Anyway, its what my Dad says when we are just stayin’ at home for a day! So, here we are, my sister Bella, brother Pavel, little bro Isaac, and a couple of cats, watching TV. Is there a reason for this post? Maybe. Hold on for a sec while I find it.

AH! YES!!! I found a video, that I always find adorable!

Surprise Wedding Dance

If I dont walk down the aisle covered in glitter, i wanna try this, OK? Evelyn, how well do you dance?

Love to all!



22 thoughts on “Chillin’ like Bob Dylan…

  1. that’s bloody loonie! I love it! now you’ll just have to find people willing to go to your marriage and do that! I think that’s much better than the whole glitter-glue idea.


    • Hmmm, Pavel for sure, Jo Mona, he has some of the best dance moves EVAH. Uhhh… Evelyn, Isabel… need to find a groom who can somersault, of course… a priest who can break dance… yah, i think i can do this!


        • Yay! You can be the funny guy with the sunglasses, if ye want.
          Hey, you know me, anyone I marry must be crazy as a loon, else he would be driven to sheer madness by living with me!!! And I’d rather he were crazy beforehand! 😛


  2. I can dance more or less decently if I’m taught. Just don’t ask me to freestyle, or you’ll regret inviting me. 😀 I’d end up doing my jumping up and down chicken dance.


  3. Naw, only SWP noticed my dancing. Chris August hugged lots of people. Gabe, I was reading my dad the comments and now he says he’s going to hunt you down and make you cry. I’m not sure why, but I’m just letting you know. *Baffled expression*


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